"Cowboy's Hugs

consigned by Joe Raber

Cowboy is that horse we all dream of. Young with the mind and attitude of an 8 or 10 year old! Very correct in confirmation. He has 1/4 draft in him, just enough to make him stout but still athletic. He will lope a circle, take his leads, side pass, and is very soft in the face. Cowboy is one that can go in any direction: pickup horse, ranch horse and definitely an A-1 trail horse. He's seen plenty of trails and been in rough country. He does not get shook up or excited and takes it all in stride. We also have roped and ponied horses off him. Kids ages from 6 to 11 have been riding Cowboy, as well as the rest of us. Here's one for the whole family! There is no hidden gimmicks or tricks. He's safe, solid, and 100% sound. 

4 year old, 15.2 hands, Registered Grey 1/4 Percheron, 3/4 Quarter Horse

Cowboy (3).JPG
Cowboy (4).JPG




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