"Classic Jack Too"

consigned by Jesslyn Swirka
J Bar J Horses and Services

"Asa" Classic Jack Too is a 2004 palomino AQHA gelding that stands 15.2 hands and is thick built. Asa is a finished head horse and knows how to work a rope. From a lower numbered roped to a high numbered roper this horse will take you to the pay window. He'll rate down to slower steers or has the speed to catch the fast ones and being so easy to operate he is a fun ride for any roper. 
Asa has been used extensively as a PRCA pick up horse and is comfortable around the rodeo atmosphere. He travels well and handles himself like a gentleman and is always ready to work with his whole heart in it. 
Wanna relax and take a trail ride? Asa does that too! He has smooth gaits to walk quietly to look at scenery or cover the country side and check fence. This horse is an excellent mount for the roper looking to win, the guy working the rodeo, a ranch horse that is a hard worker, or a trail horse to visit some country.
His personality is easy to get along with and being a gentlemen on the ground is easy to love to be around.

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