Meet our Consigners!


Brad and Jamie Bays

Brad and Jamie Bays bring you this sale and a few solid consignments. Our family consists of 3 beautiful girls: Maddison(16), Raeley(6) and Andi(1). We are a 3rd generation ranching family and PRCA members. We raise, train and work horses in our everyday lives. From the bright lights of the rodeo arena to the quiet steep trails at 11,000 ft elevation in the Rocky Mountains, our horses have seen it all. We pride ourselves on good solid broke horses that anyone in the family can use. We understand that honesty and integrity creates a loyal customer base. Every horse we sell we strive to meet every expectation of the buyer. We thank the Lord every day for the many blessings allowing us to work with horses.

Alvin Detweiler

Alvin specializes in making all around broke horses for all level riders.  He has a strong passion for roping and will look for every opportunity to rope.  He’s started many many top notch head and heal horses.  He uses these horses daily in the feedlots, sale barns, roping and pleasure. They get rode by Alvin but also his kids that have grown up with the same love and compassion for their equine partners. Alvin's horses will all have a strong work ethic and understand what work is.

Jason Hershberger
Hershberger Performance Horses

Hershberger Performance horses, Jason Hershberger, have been training performance horses now for the past 25 years. They have trained multiple world and reserve world champion‘s in the Cowhorse and the Roping events. The Hershberger Family, Jason and Wyatt, compete in PRCA Team Roping. The Hershberger brothers have all competed successfully in the NHSRA in Team Roping, Tie down Roping, Working Cowhorse, and Cutting. The Hershberger family strives everyday to train their horses to be champions.

Orrin and Shelby Honeycutt

Orrin Honeycutt and his wife Shelby, both have a background in horses, cattle, and rodeo.  Both have competed in professional and amateur events. There hasn’t been a time in either of their lives that they haven’t owned horses. They both come from a long line of rodeo and ranching families. Orrin is a PRCA pickup man and team roper.  Shelby spends most of her time finishing horses at home while also competing in the barrels, breakaway, and team roping events.  The Honeycutts run cattle and therefore, their horses are used in and out of the arena consistently.  Their horses are used in the mountains to check cows, move cows at home, sort cattle, and to brand. Most of their horses also double as pickup horses.  These horses have to be able to sort horses and bulls, rope cattle, and keep their mind while picking up cowboys in the arena.  Needless to say they have to be broke. 
They believe in all of their horses having more than one job and keeping their mind while doing those jobs.  They do not own a horse with “buck” or a horse that has a “blown mind”.  There are too many good horses to have one that is going to get someone hurt. They might buy a couple blown up horses, but they don’t stay that way long.  All of their horses are fine tuned consistently to keep good ground manners and riding manners.  They all have a nice stop, hold their head nice, pick up both leads, smooth gait changes, and work off their hind end.  Regardless of how old they are, every moment is a training moment.  “We don’t have time to have a rotten or sour horse so we work to fix it on the spot.” The Honeycutts work to keep their horses soft at the bit and on the sides.  Orrin and Shelby Honeycutt take pride in the horses we keep and the horses we sell.  Dishonesty isn’t an option.  There is never an easy sale, because they know the kind of horses that they have.

Scott and Verla Honeycutt

Scott Honeycutt has a very long and detailed resume in ranching, farming, horses, cattle, and rodeo.  He comes from a rodeo and ranching family. There hasn’t been a time in his life that he hasn’t owned horses and livestock.  Scott is a PRCA pickup man, team roper, and works with his family rodeo company, Honeycutt Rodeo.  The Honeycutts run cattle and therefore, their horses are used in and out of the arena consistently.  Their horses are used in the mountains to check cows, move cows at home, sort cattle, and to brand. Most of their horses also double as pickup and performance horses.  These horses have to be able to sort horses and bulls, rope cattle, and keep their mind while picking up cowboys in the arena.  Needless to say they have to be broke. 
He believes in all of his horses having more than one job and keeping their mind while doing those jobs.  There are too many good horses to have one that is going to get someone hurt.  Scott’s family use his horses frequently and they have to be broke.  All of his horses are fine tuned consistently to keep good ground manners and riding manners.  They all have a nice stop, hold their head nice, pick up both leads, smooth gait changes, and work off their hind end.  Regardless of how old they are, every moment is a training moment.  Scott Honeycutt takes pride in both the horses that he owns and the horses that he sells.

Tel and Lacey Honeycutt

My wife and I have grown up ranching and rodeoing, and that is what we continue to do today. I pickup at any where from 20 to 35 rodeos a year, most of those being PRCA rodeos. I have picked up at the turquoise circuit finals twice and the NLBRA finals 5 times. We also run a few cows of our own here in Alamosa CO. In-between that we day work for a couple different ranches around home. Our horses experience many different environments and situations throughout the year, from the bright lights of the rodeo arena, to brandings, shipping’s,  and team ropings they get to see and do it all.

KJ Kasun
Campwood Cattle Company

Campwood Cattle Co consists of 4 different ranches in Arizona comprising 220,000 acres and leased grass in New Mexico and Colorado. We run mother cows,  stocker calves and feed cattle as well. The ranch owners are KJ Kasun and Swayze and Kathy McCraine. The McCraines have excelled in the cutting horse business and started the horse program that Campwood now has today. KJ Kasun began in the rodeo arena then quickly made his way to the cutting horses. He is a multiple aged event champion and finalist at all the major NCHA shows with earnings in the hundreds of thousands. Since retiring from the cutting horse world, he has spent his time roping with his family and tending to the ranches. Currently the Kasuns rodeo through out the year attending PRCA rodeos as a steer roper and Jr rodeos for all the kids.

Campwood Cattle Co believes in the ranch horse. We believe in a horse that can do everything from sort a cow, to rope and drag calves all the while making a 20 mile circle to gather them is the most valuable animal on the ranch. We raise horses to handle this rough rocky country that we ranch in and then we show these horses the rodeo arena and the ranch horse shows. These horses prove themselves on the ranches first then make the easy transition to the rodeo or show pen. We do this with bloodlines like Dual pep, Streak of Fling, CD Olena, Sadies Frosty Drift, Gallo de Cielo and so on. These bloodlines make up our sire and broodmare battery. As a AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder, we are proud of the horses we raise, use and offer to the public.

Rick and Sarah Kieckhefer
K4 Ranch

 The K4 Ranch first began raising Quarter horses in the 1940’s, registering the first ones in 1943 just three years after the formation of the American Quarter Horse Association. K4 ranch has consecutively registered horses for over 70 years with the AQHA. Early on, the ranch was producing horses that were winning championships at racetracks and in show rings all over the west, in addition to raising good using horses. In 1963 the K4 ranch purchased the famous stallion Driftwood Ike. He stood for 17 years at the ranch headquarters located north of Prescott and strongly influenced the breeding program. His colts were sought after by many rodeo cowboys throughout the years because of their agility and grittiness in and out of the arena. Today several of the broodmares still carry on those bloodlines while they are crossed on Cee Booger Red bloodlines as well as Popular ResortFigure also. K4 horses have been some of the most successful arena horses in the country, and today the ranch continues to strive to produce top all around ranch horses, rope horses and barrel horses.

Joe Loveridge
RMO Horses

RMO Horses came about after years of combined experience in the outfitting/hunting/dude business, showing and ranching.  Our horses get exposed to countless miles of mountain riding and hunting with combined experience gathering and working cattle.  We spend every day in the saddle. Our horses see the mountain, trail, arena and are used for a variety of purposes. Our horses are in their work clothes every day of the week. They work and ride for a living and they are used. With our background in reining and reined cow horse, we can get a horse broke from nose to tail like the best of them.  With our background, being able to get out and use the horse daily for ranch work and other jobs, they will get exposed to a lot.  We know how to get a horse soft and supple, broke in all parts of their body, able to lope around like one should, neck rein, move off your leg, stop and do what you ask and you can also take that horse to the hills and know he will get around like one should.  We stand behind what we sell and always will. We bring our best to the sales and enjoy making good horses.

Joe Raber

Hello from the Raber family, Joe and Ruthy and our 2 girls Shalene and Kristy. We live on a small 80 acre ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado. Our primary business is hosting auctions as I own the Boone County Draft Horse and Mule Sale. Our sideline or hobby is riding and driving draft cross horses. We try to always have 2-3 extra head around to work with as I grew up around horses. My dad was a farrier and I've enjoyed that as well. Been riding horses from young up. Team roped, picked up and spent a couple summers working on ranches in my younger years. Today we specialize in quiet, broke, and versatile horses. We are looking forward to meeting everyone. Until then, may God bless you all!

Ray Raber
Triple R Stables

We, Ray and Ruby Raber from Millersburg OH, along with our family of 6 children, have been in the horse training & shoeing business for 25 years. We love to travel and feel very honored to have been invited to this great select sale. Our 2 oldest sons, Kevin & Nathan train full time. We have 3 girls, Cheryl,Julia & Grace. They love horses and are a great help on the farm. Our youngest son Mark Alan is 5 and is a trainer in the making! He loves to follow and be with his Daddy and older brothers.

  Our love of horses and our fascination for their abilities to learn is what brings joy to the work we do. Our goal is to use our God given talents to bring to you quality horses that will be your forever partners. 

Dallas Schleg
Schleg Farm

My Name is Dallas Schleg. My wife Laura and I run a barn in northern Indiana where we train mainly rope horses, cutting horses, and reined cow horses. We also start a lot of colts for outside customers and just recently I was able to win the Appalachian Trainer Face Off in West Virginia. Aside from training horses, we also raise a few cows and really do our best to incorporate the working of cattle in all of our horses training. We believe that using a horse for outside work is the best way to make a well rounded and reliable horse for any occasion. We are thrilled to be bringing two of our coolest rides to one of the biggest sales of the year, and we have made sure to bring nothing but our best!

Jesslyn and Tyler Swirka
J bar J Horses and Services

Jesslyn and Tyler Swirka train horses to be broke trail and ranch horses to be used for all aspects, as well as compete successfully in barrel racing and team roping. 
Jesslyn has been riding horses since she was 8 years old, worked on cattle ranches in South Park Colorado, participated in 4-H, and started many colts. Jesslyn now focuses on training a solid versatile horse with a soft responsive feel that is ready for the task at hand. Jesslyn has worked for Summit County Sheriffs office the last 7 years as the Animal Control Supervisor. Focusing on education in the community and schools about animal care and safety as well as enforce local and state animal regulations.
Jesslyn will compete at the All in Barrel race in Las Vegas for the 2nd time. 
Tyler has become a versatile roper heading and heeling in USTRC events. He plans to rope in Vegas this December. His day job consists of firefighting, extracting victims from car accidents and fighting wildfires.
Traveling to ropings and barrel races during the summer months with their 7 dogs as family comsumes their weekends.

Thiem Performance Horses

Located in Avondale, Arizona. We strive to raise quality performance horses that excel in Working Cow Horse, Roping and Ranch Work. Our Stallion Pepto Hot Sox is the star of the show. He is a NRCHA money earner and has achieved an AQHA Superior in Cow horse, Heading, Heeling, and Performance Champion. He produces beautiful foals, usually stamped with a lot of chrome! His offspring are talented in several different disciplines including cow horse, roping and cutting. Jason Hershberger trains all of our horses, focusing on Cow Horse, Roping, Ranch Riding and Herd Work.

Jeff and Christina Tift
Wyoming Horses and Mules

Jeff and Christina Tift own a ranch in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains near Sheridan Wyoming, where they make their living on horseback. Jeff grew up with horses and cattle and for many years made his living as a professional guide,taking clients into some of the most remote mountains of Wyoming and Alaska, along with training horses. Christina grew up in a small town in the country of Denmark. With her passion for animals and country music she decided to visit America in 2006 where she met and married Jeff. Together they make there living working and training Quarter Horses and draft cross horses, along with a few saddle type mules. With the demand for classy, athletic and gentle draft cross horses Jeff and Christina have topped many sales the past few years with many of their horses going for ranch, hunting, pick-up,dressage, and family type horses. Jeff and Christina use their horses daily on the ranch and in the mountains, riding on a cattle grazing permit, or hunting, so their horses are used to the rivers, downed timber, elk and bear. They also spend time in the arena with them, teaching them to be soft and responsive and how to lope pretty circles. They will rope cattle along with start other colts off their horses as well.

Mary Towslee

I have a lifetime of professional experience in many different aspects of the horse industry. My background is originally based in the hunter/Jumper world which gave me the solid basics to expand to racehorse breaking and training, ranch horses, and eventually movie horses. Working in the movie industry has been a perfect culmination of my lifetime of horse training experience. Movie horses must be mentally flexible, prepared for anything, and solid basics are a must.

Matt Wickey

I started selling horses at an early age of 15. We take pride in selling horse to folks all over the country. We have many repeat customers. My goal is selling good horses to good folks that turn out being friends for yrs to come.  We have no secrets when selling a horse. I always appreciate feedback because we love happy customers. At home we sell a lot of rope horses right out of the arena. And we like to specialize in trail horses with a lot of appeal. We sell horses every year in Colorado, Missouri, Idaho and other states across the country.

Duane Yoder
Buckeye Acre Farm

We have been in the business of training and selling all around safe, quiet, horses for the family of different breeds since 2000.  Our team of riders and trainers works closely together each and every day to ensure that we meet the individual needs of all the horses here on our farm.  This is our families full time passion and all of the children participate in the riding when a horse is fit in mind to take on the responsibility of a child on its back.  We introduce all of our horses to so many different situations to ensure that when we place a horse into its' permanent home we feel confident in knowing that we made the right match.  Each horse is evaluated to determine which trainer will work with them and then we not only ride them on our farm, we trailer them to different locations so that we can know and trust how they will be when placed into a new environment.  We pride ourselves in not having a "quick" turn around on our horses as most of them are staying in our program for at least a year or more.  We back our sales with a guarantee and will gladly work things out with people that are not satisfied with their purchase.  We look forward to years to come to be able to provide others with well rounded, well trained horses that can be used to fit into any situation.

Norman Yoder

 Norman is no stranger when it comes to horses. He grew up riding horses, driving horses and training colts to finish ranch horses. He believes in using horses to do ranch work, trail ride, driving and hunting in the mountains will make a good solid horse.